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February 21, 2012


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Amelia Quailler

What about marketing a law firm? I tried doing it with a blog, but I gave up and used http://www.jdoptimize.com/attorney-advertising-services/law-firm-internet-marketing-blogs/ instead, and it worked wonderfully. Is this what you do for marketing? I just want my law firm to grow as quickly and efficiently as possible.


No, SEO is just a small part of what can and should be done to market a law firm. To build a sustainable marketing funnel you have to pretend the whole internet was going to disappear. If all your business comes from SEO then you'd be finished. Instead I recommend you learn the fundamentals that lawyers have been using for hundreds of years to build highly-successful law firms. And as a bonus, when you master those skills it will make your SEO marketing and your blog and your website, etc. even that much more effective for you.

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